Issue: 2010/2-3

Jan Jonáš

Jonáš Jan, Ing.

Ekonomicko-správní fakulta MU

Lipová 41a

602 00 Brno


The present issue of the Review of Economic Perspectives – the Národohospodářský
obzor demonstrates the increasing international scope and the wide range of economic
topics covered by the journal. On the side of its contributors, it brings together three
authors from the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland. And on the side of readers,
there is facilitated the increased international accessibility by publishing the articles via
publisher Versita.

The first article in the present issue is from Rudolf Kubik and addresses the topic of
human capital and its relation to the economic growth. However, its main aim doesn’t
try to answer the question whether there is or is not the relationship between human
capital and economic growth. Rather, in the style of Friedman’s instrumentalist
methodology, he aims to test what proxy of human capital fits best in the growth models.
While the author of the first article connects his model with empirical data, the second
article by Benedek Nagy presents a theoretical model of hyperbolic discounting. The
main intention of the author is to investigate the methods of discounting and to examine
to what degree the use of different discounting methods influences the present value
calculations of single utility yields.

The third article from Teresa Bal-Wozniak returns the reader to the topic of human
capital and economic growth again. This time however more attention is paid to the
connection of human capital with innovativeness. The author examines a variety of
empirical material with a special reference to the innovation performance of Poland and
the Czech Republic.

I wish you a pleasant reading.

Jan Jonáš