Issue: 2010/4

Zdeněk Tomeš

Katedra ekonomie, Ekonomicko-správní fakulta MU, Lipová 41a, 602 00 Brno, tomes@econ.muni.cz


Academic publishing has been changing rapidly in the recent period. Traditional means
of scientific communication through printed copies of academic journals still continue
to have its value but electronic versions of academic papers are increasingly influential
as they can be reached with speed and convenience formerly unimaginable. Electronic
resources have changed the way the academic work is done and laborious searches for
references in libraries have been transformed into a few clicks of a keyboard. Our
journal too has been trying to keep pace with this development and we have succeeded
to list it into Versita and Econlit electronic databases. We hope that this step will help
readers access our papers more comfortably and the authors will have greater audience
for their results…

Zdeněk Tomeš