Issue: 2011/1

Boris Navrátil

VŠB – Technical University of Ostrava, Faculty of Economics, boris.navratil@vsb.cz

Dear readers,

you have received a new issue of Review of Economic Perspectives which enters the second decade of its lifetime in the year of 2011. In the ten volumes that have been issued so far, difficulties of infancy were being cleared and the magazine gained good reputation and recognition of experts.

Among other things, this issue offers articles that are thematicly unrelated. The British authors of the first paper look about determinants of residential property values in different countries. A number of determinants are considered and a model is produced, which explains the effect of the determinants on values.

The second article focuses on the political-budget cycle in countries of the European Union and indirectly analyzes the ability to deal with increasing public debts hypertrophied by the global economic crisis.

The third paper proves significant differences in the wage determination between men and women.

We can delight the authors because their papers will be registered in the RePEc Citation Database. RePEc's capabilities are unique in this regard: the RePEc database links information on the published and unpublished works of thousands of economists and promotes scholarly communication by providing a database that welcomes all publishers of journals and providers of unpublished materials to place their bibliographic information in the public domain.

Boris Navrátil